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Be at best in all aspects of customer care.


Supply critical raw material needs of the chemical industry on time, every time.

Long Term

To be involved in manufacturing of value added products
Aksh started its journey into business from marketing of Oleochemical products. Over these years it has built for itself an enviable network of both sub distributors and a huge customer base. Some of our customers are the leading names in the chemical industry & most of them household names known to us all.

Aksh is actively involved in marketing and distribution of oleo chemicals, speciality chemicals, herbal products, natural oils, food chemicals, preservatives, and essential oils. The list is endless & most can be accessed through the search engine.

We have been entrusted by leading manufacturing companies in the North Americas to serve their critical needs through multiple year contracts & we continue to serve with par excellence.

Because of our strategic partnerships with manufacturing companies we are able to deliver customer value, by way of continually finding ways to minimise costs & better our customer service. Oleochemicals is at the heart of our activity & today we supply substantial volumes of Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols, Castor Oil & it's Derivatives to the marketplace.
Our logistics & warehousing capabilities implies that customers do not have to account for any down time. This allows us to serve them at short notice. Presently, we are one of the largest suppliers of Glycerine of several grades in the marketplace, which is distributed out of several stock points in North America.

Quality Control

We have arrangements with leading ISO 9002 manufacturing companies who have quality audits every six months & have continuous quality monitoring programs in place. Because we deal exclusively with the key suppliers, we are able to track any quality issues. All of our suppliers have the ISO 9002 certification as well as being Kosher certified.

All lot numbers are tracked backwards with records maintained at the manufacturing premises. Most of our suppliers have very sophisticates QC equipment & R&D Facilities. All tests are undertaken using latest technology & are conducted by AOCS methods, USP, NF & compliance is a routine. We can provide any QC related documentations with regards to any products separately.

You can access all product information through the product search with the specification sheets & packaging information on each product category or else please email us at: customercare@akshindustries.com

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